I am, I am — Crappy Poetry

I method act

A meth will act, corrupting thoughts

Met old women

Snatched their bags

Give not a shit

About the sags

Folds, tears, rips

A drug for the mind to skip

Rational, nationalist thinking

Drugs put us in a sinking

Ship ments of cocaine meet men without means

Who become mean, making us find the mean

Rather the median

Because all your friends?

Left, gone, evacuated the scene

Because all you could do was suck a pipe

Clean your lungs, sleep at night

You’ll find… Well, I cannot say

But who can? Right ways don’t exist

And I know, I know, you’re pissed

Trust me, or don’t

A drug is a bug that

Infects, intercepts, turns concepts

Into nonsense, but blasphemous is it

To decree one needs a degree

To truly know anything

I have many degree, many subjects, just ask me.

Cocain, riddlin, weed, speed, Vicodin, e, even household cleaners,

Truly horrendous,

Not last, and not least

Heroin reaches, and beseeches,

Preaches that its worth it, but

There’s no hero anymore

No one but you and that monster

Staring at you day and night

Begging you snort, smoke, stab

Please please, fucking please!

Inject, let it infect, and interject!

Just for a moment

No longer, you don’t need to be stronger

Give in.

Take slow breathes

Fall in to recess. Shun

Your brain, you need not tame

No lions here

Just lying fear

Fear of the world, fear of life, fear of anything that isn’t me

Who is me you ask?

I am, I am.

I hide in your mind

Working a 9-5 and a 5-9

Smiling, watching, telling

I tell you when to eat, sleep, shit, piss

I check off the items on the list

But I’m listless, beaucratic

Controlling a nomadic, condescending prick

Who dulls emotions with sniffs, spliffs, and trips

To the local dealer,

I check off the box, next to a long command

Waste rent money on drugs, turn your mind into sludge, when people push you don’t budget

Your money, keep it coming, keep it going,

As long as cash river keeps flowing–

A drought, you sure? Check for a spout

Or spigot, no?

It’s never that easy

Backstab, get stabbed, stab back

Beg mother, father, girlfriend

End your conversations with please

Open handed handouts, passing up introspective

For a bit of selective introductions, wishing you could even function

Each time you take, you have to fake

Lie, cheat, steal

It doesn’t matter, trust me

I am, I am

What am I?

I’m the supplier of demands,

That makes you reach for supplies

Demanding more, more,


If you still don’t know, here’s one more hint

I’m the guy who stares at lint

Filled pockets, who will snatch lockets

Take from people till they scream,

“Stop it!”

I’m that thing that makes you take,

You know now, shut up, I’m not fate

I’m the darkness, the one you need to satiate

Fuck the world, fuck the friends

It’s me and you buddy, together again

C’mon, you don’t need them

Me and you pal,

Don’t worry, it’s the end

Say it with me

I am, I am


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