Connecting Stories Across Time


Some make the connections better than others.

Can’t write too long on here today, I have to write some more of my novel, and it’s my friend’s birthday, but I figured I could put down a little something.

My Novel, AerinWorld(working title), juggles four perspectives, each happening in a different time period, in different civilizations, e.g. Darium lives 100 years before Galath, in the swamps of Parút, hundreds of miles away from Galath’s small village.

The problem, then, is to make readers read it as one novel, not an anthology of short stories.  This gave me the most headaches in outlining, because it all felt a bit disconnected.  If I notice it’s disconnected, my readers surely will, so I went to the drawing board, and edited each character’s life, so it better fit with the others.

So, Darium’s actions in his life, directly effect Galath’s life, and Galath’s actions effect Keion, etc.  While, this seemed to be enough, it still seemed to be missing something, something to truly tie them together.  A simple thing would be to tie them all into prophecy, which I do slightly, but I like spontaneity.  I’m so tired of heavy prophecies in fantasy, not to say that they don’t have their place, but I don’t want my story to revolve around that.

Instead, or rather, in conjunction with prophecy, I added an entity to mess with their lives.  I don’t want to reveal too much here, but this singular entity will have its own plans and goals, and use each of my main characters to help further it.  So, now, we have connections through not only choices in their life, but through prophecy, and this singular entity.  Now, the readers will be able to see the connections from one life to the next, and it will (hopefully) read like a novel.


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