Never Fall Back to Back Ups.

Following our dreams leads to innovation, which is the life blood of this country

I am going to become an storyteller.  I have no other plans outside of becoming a story teller.  Everything I do is all for this one goal.  I have no back up plan, I do not plan on becoming anything but an author.  If I fail at that, I have nothing else to work towards.  I have no career to go to, no aim in my studies, nothing, and I love it.

Picking this one thing, and putting all that I am into it, is refreshing, and overwhelming at the same time.  It encourages me, because I know if I don’t put everything I have into this, I have nothing else to go to.  It gets me out of bed each morning, it makes it so I write almost constantly.  I don’t want to work a boring 9-5 at Target the rest of my life, but if I fail at writing, that’s what’s waiting for me.  Knowing that, scares me into writing when I don’t want to.  I can’t make excuses to why I can’t write one day, because it means one day closer to my death, and one day less I have to pursue my dream.

I’m not saying back up plans don’t work for others; I’m just saying they don’t work for me.  If I had a back up plan, I would simply fall back to it.  Why?  Because a back up plan is almost always the easier, safer plan.  The plan that doesn’t require innovation, dedication, real thought on my part.  Which, looks appealing, at first, but I know I wouldn’t be happy living my life as a back up.  I want my life to be the first plan, the great one.  If that means I’ll be strapped for cash, or even homeless, so be it.

All I want from my life, is to tell stories that affect people.  I don’t want to be anything, but a storyteller.  I know that becoming an accountant, or a doctor, or even a teacher are safer routes, but I know I wouldn’t be happy.  I hear so many stories about people who worked on wall street for years, and hated it, and then they crack, and finally quit, to pursue their dreams.  I want to skip those years of unhappiness, working somewhere safe.  I want to go all-in, bet everything on my dreams.  I could fail, and statistically even if I make it in the business, I won’t make a lot of money, or have a lot of job security.  That doesn’t matter to me.  The story does, above all else.

I don’t expect my dreams to just happen without any effort on my part though.  The main problem of not having a back up, is that you don’t have a back up.  I can’t say, ‘oh well, even if this doesn’t pan out, at least I have ‘blank”, which is scary.  If I don’t succeed in this, I have nothing else to go to.  It’s a double edge sword.  It inspires my drive(which I have a lack of in all other things), but it also causes me to not focus on anything else.  I don’t work hard in school, I don’t push myself at work, I don’t try to gain any footholds in anything that won’t help me become a storyteller.

I remember being a kid, and having all these dreams.  They changed a lot of course, but not like other kids.  My dreams always stayed in the realm of outlandishness.  I noticed, as we all got older, their dreams all became more grounded, easily obtainable goals.  Astronaut to artist to engineer to architect to foreman to construction worker.  Now, I’m not saying becoming a construction worker isn’t a valid dream, I’m just saying that it’s a lot easier to become that than an astronaut.  It seems that, as we get older, we become more and more okay with settling.

Fuck that.  I refuse to settle, I refuse to be okay with anything besides storyteller.  I will put all of my energy into it, I will keep myself open to things, but the only thing I will ever be in this life, is a storyteller.  You will not see me as an accountant, radiologist, masseur, or any job that doesn’t tell stories.  I thrive off of no back up plan, because it means I have to put everything I have into this.  There is no backing down, it’s all or nothing.

Maybe we should teach kids, that they don’t need a back up plan, to pursue things with an all or nothing attitude.  Yes, it’s hard, yes, it’s unlikely that your dreams will come true.  But, that idea would breed a society of go-getters, innovators, and people who think outside of the box.  Which is something this country desperately needs to compete with the rest of the world.  You have one life, don’t settle.



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