Defining Corruption: What is Good and Evil, and Why does Greed Exist? Part 1

We chain ourselves, and doom our group with corruption.

We chain ourselves, and doom our group with corruption.

**The Following is an Opinion Piece; assumptions are made by the writer, keep Law 2 in mind when reading**

Corruption runs deep in humans.  It’s why Communism works on paper, but not in practice; why true Monarchies end with violent revolutions; why Capitalism ends in corrupt major powers lobbying against common sense.  Where does it come from, though?  Why is it so prevalent in our species?  Can we destroy it?  If not, can we at least circumvent it?  Corruption has not only planted its seeds, it has been growing with us as long as human history.  Humans have been helpless to it since the dawn of social hierarchies.  Why try and fight something that’s been around since before Christ, or for that matter, any form of religion at all.  It permeates us so completely, that it seems we’re helpless to it.  So the real question becomes, not how can we rid ourselves from it, but how can we make it harder for it to occur?

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