One True Theme–Writing Advice

“Write the truest sentence you know.”

~Ernest Hemingway

The most invaluable advice any kind of writer can receive is this quote.  Your book will not succeed(and I’m not talking about fiscally, pieces of crap can still sell) if it isn’t full of the truest sentences you know.  I keep this quote and one other piece of writing advice in mind at all times during the writing process.  This is of my own invention and its held true thus far.  There must always be one central theme, one pillar that holds up everything else.  The turtle that carries the world on its back.  If you read your story, and you cannot see the one theme readily, then you have failed.  I don’t care if your book explores so many facets of society, or the characters are three-dimensional, or even if your plot is dynamic and superlative.  All of these things matter not, if your one true theme is muddled into the story.

You, as the writer, are the gatekeeper and your theme is the gate.

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